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 TOPIC2015 TOPIC 2019  
CT Skill-up Seminar
Date: 11th - 13th July, 2019
Venue: Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, B2F, Hall D

Course Details:
 Over the past decade Heart CT has advanced to an effective tool for assessing coronary artery disease. With the ability of evaluating (1) coronary plaques characteristics, (2) severity and extent of calcified coronary artery segments and (3) coronary arteries beyond chronic total occlusions, Heart CT still holds enormous potential as a PCI supporting tool. While PCI success rates can be further improved, integrated CT information helps to stratify procedural risk and reduce complications. For this purpose, however, analyzing Heart CT by the PCI operator himself is essential.
The present course aims to introduce the novel, user-friendly “Sliding Slab MIP” method, and to demonstrate how to take full advantage of Heart CT imaging in your daily PCI cases. Please join us to learn and experience the potential of Heart CT.
It will be a lecture in Japanese, but staff who can speak English will support you.
Since there is a limited capacity of 17 attendees per session, it is highly recommended that you register as early as possible.

Side Menu:
 We kindly invite you to bring your own case data in DICOM format (300-400 axial data set) for analysis during break time.

maximum number of attendees per workstation
12th July
(Basic Course)
Japanese with
English support
software: ZioCube
   Up to 10

 ②GE Healthcare Japan
workstation: Advantage Workstation VS7
   Up to 3

 ③FUJIFILM Medical Co.
workstation: SYNAPSE VINCENT V5
Up to 4

(Basic Course)
13th July
(Basic Course)

 1. Registration must be submitted by 13th June, 2019.
 2. At the venue, please register in front of the Hall D 10 min before the session starts.
 3. An applicant does not come by the program start five minutes, I regard as it is cancelled.
 4. Unregistered viewing is also available. Also, you can try PCs during the free time.
     Please drop in at any time.
Please click here to register.

*************** TOPIC 2019 CT Skill-up Seminar Program committee ***************
Course Director Ryosuke Kametani (Ogaki Tokushukai Hospital/Nagoya Tokusyukai General Hospital)
Course co-Directors Tadashi Kuroda (Kinki Central Hospital)
Masaaki Okutsu (New Tokyo Hospital)
Yoshihiro Takeda(Osaka Medical College)
Keita Yamasaki(Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine)
Supported by FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd., GE Healthcare Japan, SHIMADZU CORPORATION, Ziosoft, Inc.
Cooperated by Miyuki Ando(Nagoya Tokushukai General Hospital), CANON MEDICAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION, Nemoto Kyorindo Co., Ltd.
Supervisor Satoru Sumitsuji (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine)