TOPIC Preliminary Registration Information


TOPIC Preliminary Registration Information

Preliminary registration for TOPIC is accepted and helps avoid congestion on the day of the conference.

  pre-registration on-site
last day only
Credit card payment only Cash or credit cards accepted Cash or credit cards accepted
¥20,000 ¥25,000 ¥10,000
Co-Medical ¥5,000 ¥7,000 ¥5,000
Company related ¥20,000 ¥25,000 ¥10,000
Student free

1) Tax of 8% is included in the prices above.
2) TOPIC 2019 Syllabus will be provided at the venue for registered guests.
3) Your name card and receipt will be provided at the registration desk.
4) Co-Medical professionals must submit the following documents at the registration desk:
① Please download a Co-Medical Professional Identification (PDF) and fill in the form
② Please submit this form when you provide proof of your identification, such as identification cards.
Please note that you will be asked to pay ¥25,000 (approx. $250) if you did not submit this form.
5) Attendance for students is free. However, identification such as student identification card must be presented at the registration desk.
Co-medical Professional Identification (PDF)

Application time:April 1st (Mon.) ~ June 13th (Thu.), 2019, Japan Time

Application procedure
Fill in the online application form for participation registration.
Confirm information on the entry form and go to the online payment procedure for participation (by credit card only).
When you have completed participation registration and payment, a registration confirmation form will be displayed on the screen and you receive an email of [TOPIC Online Payment] .
Print the email, [TOPIC Online Payment] and submit it at the registration desk on the day of the conference.
  * Co-medicals are requested to submit a "Co-medical professional identification" at the venue. Please note that you will be asked to pay 25,000 yen (the door charge for Medical Doctors/Company Related) if your certificate is not produced.

Note the following when making your application:
1. Preliminary registration completion and other information will be automatically sent by email, so be sure to include your email address.
2. Personal information will be responsibly managed and will be used to distribute information and email magazines.
3. Please send any changes in registered information directly to the office ( ) with the subject title "TOPIC 2019 Pre-registration".
4. Cancellations will not be accepted after registration to participate. Be careful not to register more than once because participation registration fees are not refundable.
5. Please note that, unfortunately, TOPIC cannot obtain or give any advice regarding visas, travel itineraries etc., for overseas participants.
Preliminary Registration has been Closed.