TOPIC 2024Message

Dear all,

As the world moved toward the resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, TOPIC 2023 was held non-remotely for the first time in 3 years, gathering many participants. We, the executive course directors, are now working together for TOPIC 2024 to add a new chapter to the 21-year history of TOPIC.

In light of the current situation surrounding cardiovascular intervention, however, it is undeniable that we face stiff headwinds in various senses. We feel we are asked again the form live demonstration sessions should take in the future or currently. We will seek how they should be rather than adapting them to the changing social needs. We would like to contribute to the further development of cardiovascular interventional therapy with your cooperation by taking the contents/programs of live demonstration sessions seriously and pursuing our ideal current “TOPIC” after seeking input from many people and having active, unbiased discussions. We hope TOPIC will provide you with the opportunity to acquire new interventional techniques and to learn or check new therapeutic strategies through more pragmatic live demonstration sessions.

For TOPIC 2024, we have increased the number of faculties, mainly in the Kanto Region. We plan to use three hospitals to broadcast live demonstrations of PCI and further enrich the current programs of EVT/SHD. In addition to maintaining and evolving the current programs, we are now seeking their partial renewal with an increased number of bailout seminars.

We hope you will also look forward to future TOPIC meetings and await your participation at Shibuya again in the next hot summer.

Best regards,

December, 2023

TOkyo Percutaneous cardiovascular Intervention Conference

Executive Course Directors
Yasushi Asakura
Yoshiaki Ito
Tatsuya Nakama
Takayuki Ogawa
Makoto Sekiguchi